Client:  Silverpeak Farms
Location: Basalt, Colorado

  In November 2016, we were tasked to design a new brand for Silverpeak: "Silverpeak Farms".
In one hand we had the Silverpeak store in Aspen, and on the other hand, the company wanted to launch new cannabis-related products to a broader audience, outside Aspen.
The new brand had to be related to the old one and at the same time had its own personality, blending the farming and the processing and highlighting the mountain environment of the facilities.




   Silverpeak Apothecary first opened in 2009 as a medical dispensary in Aspen, Colorado. The business flourished thanks to Jordan’s efforts to educate the community, partnering with law enforcement, schools and business leaders to create a platform for socially responsible cannabis. When voters legalized recreational use in 2013, Jordan knew that he would have to change everything: the store would have to be expanded and redesigned into a consumer-facing retail experience, complete with merchandising, point-of-sale displays, product development, marketing and advertising.


   With his grand opening only 9 months away, Jordan turned to the company he knew he could count on to get it right: TANAGRAM DESIGN. The team had worked with Jordan years ago on a project in Uruguay with great success, resulting in mutual respect and trust.


Visual Identity, Logo design, packaging and promotional pieces


The project presented several challenges. The store had to remain open for the entire duration of the remodel, forcing the Tanagram team to work in stages. The design needed to bring light and openness to the basement location, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. The cannabis section of the store had to meet the strict regulations governing the display of cannabis products. A separate section was required for non-regulated books, apparel and branded products.

Marketing & Advertising Creative Services


Tanagram designed and developed Silverpeak Farm’s responsive website, brochure collateral and print ads, providing creative direction, graphic design, copywriting and photography art direction.